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Working On H1b Status While Living In Canada As Permanent Resident

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Validity' started by believeinbest, May 17, 2016.

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    I am an Indian citizen working on H1B visa and have green card filed with my current employer. Recently, I also applied for Canadian Permanent Residence which got approved earlier this month. Since EB2 India priority dates are backlogged, I want to move to Canada and stay there for a few years (3-4 years) until I get my citizenship and come back to USA after that. I want to continue my current job in US on H1B . My company doesn't care where I live except I need to be near a major airport so that I can travel to customer sites (if needed) or work from home. Lately, I have been working from home extensively.

    I am wondering if I can live in Windsor, ON, Canada (right outside of Detroit, MI) and travel to customer sites Monday-Thursday if required. It's possible that I may not enter US for several weeks and work remotely from Canada. Of course, my payroll will run in US. Will this cause any issues with maintaining my H1B status or continuing Green Card process? Please advise.

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