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Why Was An Asylum Decision Appointment Changed To Letter In The Mail?

Discussion in 'General immigration questions' started by justin34, Apr 25, 2017.

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    I have a dear friend who recently had her asylum hearing in Anaheim, CA. According to both her and her lawyer, the hearing went very well and both are very optimistic about a positive outcome. At the time of the hearing, she was given an appointment two weeks later to receive the decision. Today, however, her lawyer received word that the appointment was cancelled and that she will be receiving her notification via mail instead.

    I was wondering whether there is anything that can be read into the change? Is it any sort of indication as to what the result may be? Is it a sign that they're doing more investigation that they originally expected? Is it a sign that they're just stretched too thin and are trying to save time?

    Needless to say, my friend was already extremely anxious and stressed about her upcoming decision appointment, but now this latest change has her completely beside herself - so I'm trying to get some idea whether there is actually anything that can be read into the change to the means of notification.

    If there is any information, insight, or advice you can possible give, it would be extremely helpful and I would certainly appreciate it greatly.


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