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Wanted To Know About 240 Days Rule When H1b Extension Status Is Pending.

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Validity' started by Pallavi2804, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Pallavi2804

    Pallavi2804 New Member

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    My visa & I-94 are getting expired on 7th April,2016 & 17th April,2016 respectively.

    I've got I-129 receipt no & received date is 30th Oct,2015. But still my extension status is pending. As I came to know about 240 days rule so having some queries related to the same?

    1)I stay in California. Can I renew my DL on the basis of I-129 receipt for 240 days?
    2)Just in case visa extension gets rejected during 240 days period then will there be any issues while leaving country as it will be an overstay according as per I-94?
    3)In 240 days stay, will we be eligible for medical coverage as it is taken through employer?

  2. New Guy

    New Guy Senior Member

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    I don't know about DL in CA.

    But you get to continue working for 240 days after visa expiry...if it is rejected, you will be out of status from the date of your i94 expiry. You can continue to utilize the medical benefits as long as you are employed..

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