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Visa Stamping Questions

Discussion in 'NIV applications in India' started by Avis2012, Jan 4, 2014.

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    I would like the experts here to provide their thoughts on my situation below.

    1. Completed 6 years of H1 with employer A. A had filed for I-140 and extended H1B beyond 6 years.

    2. Transferred my H1 from employer A to B and extended H1 until Jul-2016 using the approved I-140 of my previous employer A. H1 visa of employer A stamped in my passport was expired.

    3. I believe my I-140 filed by previous employer A has not been revoked (since there is not change in status). No PERM or I-140 has been filed by current employer by B yet.

    Being in this situation, I am planning to visit India this March and apply for visa at the consulate.

    1. Is it okay to apply for visa stamping with I-140 (whether revoked or not) filed by previous employer A?

    2. To be safe, do I have to wait until my current employer B to file atleast PERM before applying for visa stamping?

    3. Will there be any other issues that I should be concerned about my current situation?

    4. I checked with my lawyer and she does not seem to see any issues with my current situation. According to her, applying visa using approved I-140 does not have anything to do with who actually filed I-140. Is it true?

    Please provide your valuable thoughts.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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