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Visa re-validation for H4 visa if applying for new F1 in Canada

Discussion in 'TCN NIV applications in Canada' started by myquery, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. myquery

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    First of all, it is great to see you back and active!!.

    My husband recently got his H1 to H4 COS approved and is preparing for admission test to go back to school.

    After he gets his admission in the school (gets his I-20) and is ready to apply for F1 Visa, can we go to Canada, apply for a new F1 and come back to US on H4 if F1 is rejected (utilizing visa re-validation?).

  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    Thanks. I had to curtail my activities for a couple of reasons. First, we had some server issues but they are now fixed and I am going to be able to add new features to the site.. We have also added three attorneys and four new paralegals, so the demands on my time aren't quite as bad and I can spend a bit more time up here.

    Automatic Visa Revalidation (the procedure where you are allowed to go to Canada or Mexico only for up to 30 and re-enter using a valid I-94) is not available if you apply for a visa while in Canada or Mexico. So, if your husband's F1 visa is denied, he will not be allowed back into the U.S. on the strength of his I-94.

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