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Visa Appointment Confirmed. Client Changed. Do I Need To Modify Ds160?

Discussion in 'Working Nonimmigrant Visas' started by immi4t, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. immi4t

    immi4t New Member

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    I am reading that i can not modify a DS160 once a visa appointment is confirmed. However below is my situation:

    I just transferred my H1 to employer A and started with client X. during this time, I planned for my India vacation so i filled DS160 with work(client) details pertaining to client X.And my visa appointment is confirmed..

    Unfortunately i had to change client. I found a new project and now work with client Y.

    given this situation while employer being the same, am i required to modify or complete a new DS160 in order to provide the new client details?

    Or do I anticipate any hassle during my visa stamping? Kindly advise.
  2. s_gan

    s_gan Super Moderator

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    I am assuming that the H1B amendment has been filed by your employer. If not you have to ask your employer to do it ASAP. Yes, You have to complete a new DS160. You can do this when you submit your application at a VFS center. VFS will update the DS 160 Barcode at the time of submission of your docs. Please call VFS to know more.
  3. Vikki

    Vikki New Member

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    You can always change DS160 and submit the new document while you go to VFS Centre for Verification. But in your case, you need to make sure you already had an amendment with the new client. Otherwise, you case will become complicated. Please consult your company lawyer if there is no amendment filed for the new client.

    Note: I am not a Lawyer.

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