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Urgent: H4-ead Extension Prior To 120 Days Of Expiry

Discussion in 'H4 employment authorization' started by JustMyself, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. JustMyself

    JustMyself New Member

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    My spouse has an approved I-140 and is currently on H1B. I am currently on H4 and have a valid EAD. The H1B, H4 and EAD are set to expire on June 15,2017. His Employer had filed the H1B and H4 extensions a week back in premium processing and while we got the H1B receipt today, the H4 papers have been returned because of some issues with the signature. It is marked as riding with original H1B receipt number and Ive been asked to correct the signature and send it back to Vermont Premium processing.

    At the time of original filing, my spouses employer refused to attach the EAD renewal application. My 120 day clock starts on Feb 15 but I was wondering if I could attach my EAD papers now when I resend the H4 application. Would it increase the chances of getting the EAD renewed earlier if I did that or is it advisable that I wait until Feb 15 to send the EAD application(possibly with the H1B/H4 receipt copy) . Appreciate quick guidance on this. Since my spouses application is filed in premium, I want to resend it as early as I can so that the H4 extension will stand a chance of getting approved along with the H1B.

  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    Yes you can (and should).

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