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Typo In Approved Perm Lca

Discussion in 'Immigrant labor certifications (PERM)' started by pravy, Jan 21, 2016.

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    Hi Ron,

    I have a PERM from my current employer which was approved in Jan 2010. Later my employer filed an I-140 (EB2 India) based on my Master's degree from a US university which is also approved in May 2010. I have an I-485 currently pending since Apr 2012.

    I just discovered a typo in my PERM LCA. My employer's HR team incorrectly stated 2006 as my year of graduation for my master's degree instead of 2007. I also overlooked and signed back then.

    Does it pose any threat to my pending I-485? Is there a way I can address this now, after 6 years?


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