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Travel Abroad With My Gc Holding Spouse And Child

Discussion in 'Family based immigration' started by eurasian, Mar 19, 2017.

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    We have been married for several years, and traveled abroad multiple times, either all three of us or just my wife with her 8 year old child. I am not the child's biological parent, but we never faced any issues crossing the borders.
    Well, that was before my spouse and I went to a Shengen country consulate here in the US to get a tourist visa for them. I consider myself a legitimate stepfather, and I do travel with my wife and kid this time. However, their "rules" require the child's father consent for travel, but that person has never been married to my spouse, and the only mention of him is in the birth certificate. As my wife has lost of that guy many years ago and chances of getting a notarized signoff are slim and chances of extortion or worse are high, what are our options?
    Thank you!

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