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Suggestions To Uscis

Discussion in 'Notices - please read' started by asdk, Mar 19, 2015.

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    I urge you to please consider the following Comments/Suggestions in different Legal Immigration areas:
    1. Subject: H1B Visa Approval and Travel:
    a. Current Situation: Currently an approved H1B holder needs to visit an US Embassy to get Visa stamped for Travel. This is a nightmare. Why should both USCIS and the Petitioner waste time and efforts to go to an Embassy to get this stamped when the H1B visa is already approved( esp when its not the first time entering USA)? This completely undermines the time, efforts the US officers put in to approve the H1B in the first place. Now, the officers in the US Embassy have to do the same thing for months before a Visa is stamped and the holder is allowed to re-enter the US.
    b. Suggestion: Please stop this practice. H1B holders already in the country should not be subject to this additional ‘approval’. This will allow for greater travel flexibility in and out of the US. Several H1B holders stay out in the US for the fear of the time it takes for re-approval when they leave US. THIs will cause several people to miss out Family reunions, important occasions for years and years. Very unfair!
    2. Subject: STEM Advanced Degree Holders from US Universities
    a. Currently STEM students from US Universities have 20K quota for H1B filing. So, why isn’t the same done when it comes to GC processing? STEM Students should have a separate queue( call it EB6,7 something) where these people should be allowed to file GC. No one else should be allowed to port into this Category.
    b. The current problem is EB3 ports into EB2. With the backlogs, almost everyone who filed in EB3 becomes eligible for EB2 and people who spent time and efforts doing their Degrees are pushed farther and farther.
    3. Subject: EAD and Sponsoring Employer
    a. Current Situation: When a person is grated EAD( primary holder), he/she is required to have an employer sponsor the EAD until a GC is granted.
    b. Suggestion: With the current backlogs, if a person with EAD waits for years to get a GC and still depends on a Employer….how different is this from a H1B visa? So, please allow EAD holders( atleast after 6 months) to be ‘Independent’( meaning no sponsorship requiring from any employers)
    4. Subject: EAD after 140 Approval
    a. Please allow COS/EAD for people who have 140 approved( old or new employer). This should also make 140 withdrawals by old employers invalid. This will curb Employer abuse on Employees esp when they threaten to revoke/withdraw 140s after several years of staying with the same Employer.

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