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Searching Electronic Devices At Entry

Discussion in 'General discussion about executive action' started by Ron Gotcher, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    The Daily Beast has an insightful article about plans to search electronic devices and social media when people enter the country: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articl...s-passwords-may-be-required-to-enter-u-s.html

    "Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly told Congress on Tuesday that “extreme vetting” of immigrants may not be temporary and may get more extreme.

    Kelly said new vetting standards under consideration include asking people to hand over their social media passwords—and deny them entry if they refuse.

    “How’re you living, who’s sending you money, what websites you visit—anything we can do to get a handle on who these people are,” Kelly told the House Homeland Security Committee.

    Kelly also spoke about a recent meeting with the CEO of IBM, saying he plans for DHS to use analysis of big data and social media at the border, in vetting of refugee and visa applicants, and in other national security missions."​
  2. sigler

    sigler Junior Member

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    Hi Ron, any idea how the EO will affect the visa bulletin from here on forward? I suspect EB won't see much difference, but how about FB?
  3. cuckoo

    cuckoo Super Moderator

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    And thought background checks were supposed to be done at the time of issuing visas! So, what the DHS or FBI did is now going to be done by the CBP. Great! Lawyers are already advising clients to carry Trump paraphernalia when seeking entry. Oh, the land of the free, how thou have fallen!
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  4. Greeeeencard

    Greeeeencard Guru

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    Why don't they close all the US consulates abroad and ask all Countries to do the same here as well, safest bet.
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