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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Harry P, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Harry P

    Harry P New Member

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    Today I recieved RFE. One of things it asks for is this -
    Submit proof that you maintained your nonimmigrant status in the United States from the date of your last entry into
    the United States prior to filing Form I-485 to the present. Such evidence may include copies of:
    • Employment Authorization Documents (EADs, Forms 1-688 or 1-766) granted to you by USCIS
    • Form 1-797 approval notices, showing you were granted status in an employment-authorized nonimmigrant
    classification, or

    • Copies of Form 1-94 Arrival/Departure Records showing you were admitted to the U.S. in an employment-
    authorized nonimmigrant status.

    I entered US on F1, completed my studies. Went on OPT EAD->H1>485>EADs Do i need to present my F1 and all school I20s, H1s, EADs from 485?

    I have been working last 5 years on EAD and dont use H1 anymore. Also I did not travel outside the country until I had AP document.
  2. donisback

    donisback Guru

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    date of your last entry into the United States. All documents ! Whats so difficult to understand ?

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