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Questions About Green Card Application Through Marriage For H1b With Us Citizen

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Applications' started by AmrithaKan, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. AmrithaKan

    AmrithaKan New Member

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    I am currently on an active H-1B visa. I am getting married next month to a US Citizen. The wedding is set to be in India. My employer has started the process of my Green card, however I would like to apply for my Green card through marriage, and eventually apply for citizenship. I have some questions on how to go about the process. Questions such as:

    - Should we register the marriage in India or in US or both?
    - As the dates will be different when we register in India and U.S, will that cause a problem?
    - How do i go about applying for a green card as I already have a valid H1B? Will i be asked to go back to india for the period of filing my paperwork? I did read some information on the forum about applying for Adjustment of status. Would be great if someone could shed some more light on the same.
    - Can i keep my H1 while applying for my green card through marriage?

    Thanks :)
  2. Santy

    Santy Guru

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    Register in both the countries, what is halting you.
    Dates doesn't matter, intent does. Dates will be different because of different geographical location.
    H1 should remain valid. There shouldn't be any connection with your marriage GC. This shouldn't be an issue.
    You have to hire an attorney so take attorney's help right now. It should be easy and free of cost. I see your case as smooth as a butter.
    Note: I am not a lawyer.
  3. WaldenPond

    WaldenPond Guru

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    Marriage will be registered only at the place of marriage, in your case, in India. and Dual registration isn't required too. As the other poster pointed, your H-1B status is different than GC and has no links until you adjust status and after that it will be automatically void, you don't have to worry about it. Your case would be smooth, an attorney can be of help but that is optional in your case since it is a case for US citizen (eventually your spouse would sponsor you through marriage GC)

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