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Promotion From Software Engineer To Software Development Manager

Discussion in 'AC 21 I-140 Portability' started by Sandeepkumar Seethaapathy, Mar 30, 2016.

Has anybody taken a promotion from Software Engineering to Software dev manager

  1. Yes, Used the Same Perm/140 application that was filed for Software engineer

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  2. No, I started a new PERM

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  1. Sandeepkumar Seethaapathy

    Sandeepkumar Seethaapathy New Member

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    My case: I-140 Approved.
    PD: Dec 2011.
    SOC Code on PERM Approval: 11-3021 (Computer and Information Systems Manager)
    Current Title and title on PERM: Senior Software Engineer.

    I am offered a promotion to a Software development manage role which apart from core Software engineering skills requires managing a set of Software engineers as well.
    Can I take this role without issues.
    My PERM seems to have an SOC code that seems to help the title after promotion but not sure about how the system interprets the job title posted in labor and its responsibilities.
    This seems to be a straightforward career progression path for Software engineers, but is this safe to do in my scenario with an approved 140 waiting on Pd.
  2. New Guy

    New Guy Senior Member

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    I think you should be ok. With the new rule, natural career progression is allowed. Since you are in the same field, it should be ok.

    ----i am not an attorney

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