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President's Options For Administrative Action

Discussion in 'Immigration legislation' started by avatar, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. h1bperm

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  2. speedracer

    speedracer Guru

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    I believe it is one of the bullets to create Task force, blah.. blah.. as a part of EA - Promote the naturalization process.
    It is low hanging fruit which really doesn't do anything for EB based immigrants..
  3. ColumbusDude

    ColumbusDude Active Member

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    Looks like this is good news for Legal Immigration EO because, if the 5th Appeals just sits on the case and POTUS has to move the Supreme Court, it gonna take a while. If the Case drags into 2016 it actually is a huge plus for the Democrats. Since the 5th Circuit Appeals Court is Republican majority, I am thinking they may be doing the Republicans a big favor by lifting Hanen's Injunction.
    Court chilly to Barack Obama immigration moves
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  4. cuckoo

    cuckoo Super Moderator

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    Looks like the Indian IT companies, or at least TCS, are not particularly enthused about the legal immigration executive action proposal, and may be delaying if not sabotaging action on these. As expected, they only want more H1Bs.

    "He said there is no change in the rules that govern sending professionals under the H1-B visa regime, where the companies’ requirements have overshot the quota fixed by 65,000, nor the L1 visas. . .
    “There is not much of a shift at this point in time. Going forward, there will be some changes which we will have to watch out for and take corrective action,” said Mukherjee.
    He sounded unsure if the changes, being forced by the personal intervention of US President Barack Obama will be positive or not, and said the companies can only hope that they usher in better environment. The new rules which are in the offing should offer companies time to migrate without impacting business and be uniform for all the players, he said.

    “All we say is whatever comes up, we need to get a certain period of time before it becomes effective so that we can take action, to comply with those requirements. It should not impact business to a great deal and also it should be uniform across all players, across industries,” he said."


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