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Police Clearance Certificate After 15 Years Since Stay In A Country

Discussion in 'Family based immigration' started by My_Immigration, Sep 24, 2016.

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    A field in the DS 260 form asks if the applicant previously lived in countries different than his present address. If he lived in different countries, he is required to obtain and submit Police Clearance Certificate from those countries with the visa application.
    It is given on the webisite travel.state.gov that countries such as Austria, Finland, Japan etc. deletes the police records after 5 years (for minor offences) and after 10 years (for major offences).
    If the applicant is applying for a family based USA immigration visa after 15 Years since his stay in a different country, then his police records in that country is already deleted (and cleared).
    To complete his DS 260 visa application, does he still need to obtain Police Clearance Certificate from the countries in which he lived 15 years before?
    Thanks for any help.

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