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Petition File Under F2b Catagory But Later Benificiery Get Married And Petitioner Became Us Citizen

Discussion in 'Adjustment of status' started by Niraj Ardeshna, Aug 16, 2017.

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    On Aug 1st 2011, My parents (as GC Holder) applied for me under F2B by filling I-130, Now they got Citizenship in current year and i got merried in 2013 and have one son. Recently, few weeks ago we received mail from NVC informing us to choose an agent as step 1 and later Pay the fees as step 2.

    Later, we ask NVC about this situation and our question was " Does my derivatives and spous can also be added under this petition or complete application will be cancelled or transfred to other catagory ?"

    After 3 weeks, we recived email from NVC requesting us to submit a copy of the beneficiary's marriage certificate and the derivative spouse's birth certificate to the NVC (Attn : WC) so that the NVC can further review our visa application. and also asked for copy of the Naturalization Certificate of the petitioner.

    Now, We have submitted the same to NVC by Post and waiting for responce. Further, we would request you to kindly advice us on the possible outcomes and further procedure for this case ?

    Enclosing Conversation between us and NVC for your kind reference.
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