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Pending H4 Enquiry

Discussion in 'H4 employment authorization' started by Kumar1987, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. Kumar1987

    Kumar1987 New Member

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    Hello Ron,

    I have a question in regard to pending case on H4 Visa with USCIS.
    My spouse came to USA on F2 visa but currently I am on H1B , so I submitted the application to change to H4 and it's been pending from September month to till date. Unfortunately we got a travel Plans to India for family urgency.

    1. Is it safe to travel now while her visa is in processing?
    2. Can I go to stamping with the same receipt number?
    Please provide me your suggestion,

    Appreciate your instant response,
  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    You may travel, but as soon as your wife leaves the country, her change of status petition will be deemed abandoned. She will need to go to her home consulate and apply for an H-4 visa before coming back.

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