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Discussion in 'College and University Staff' started by kkr, Aug 22, 2012.

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    My wife's 12 month OPT started on Feb 9 2012 , she started working as
    unpaid intern with company A(everified) from May 6 th 2012.
    She is planning to join company B(everified) early next month .

    Are there are any specific tasks that need to be completed by company
    B(create a everify case , I -9 etc..) before hiring (it will be unpaid
    initially and my wife will apply for STEM 17 month extension with
    company B some time November)?

    Also , Company A , did not fill an I -9 or any e -verify process for
    her, which i believe is ok , since there are no such requirements
    during 12 month OPT and she was not paid , your thoughts?
    Any common RFE's she need to be aware of when she is applying for STEM extension?

    thanks much!

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