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Once again: EAD card approved but not yet received

Discussion in 'Employment verification issues' started by charles2009, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I see that this question has been asked in this forum before but my case is slightly different. I summarize what I have understood of this situation and then I ask a question.

    May 20: my application for post-graduation OPT is received by USCIS
    August 19: I receive an email saying that "This case was approved on 8/19 and the card is currently in production. It should be mailed within 4-5 days."

    Today is August 25. My new job starts on September 1. I have to complete section 1 of the I-9 form by then. I already have the data to do that: the admission number from my I-94 and the date my EAD will expire, which is August 18 of next year, given that the EAD card was approved on August 19. Then my employer has three days to complete the other sections of the I-9 form. In order to do that he needs to see the actual EAD card.

    So, I am tempted to complete section 1 of the I-9 form by September 1, as it is required by the law, even if I do not have the EAD card in hand. In doing this I am betting that the EAD card will arrive on time (i.e. no later than three days past September 1) for my employer to verify my documents. As of today on the USCIS website my application still appears in "Card/Document Production status". Yes, the EAD card will first arrive at my school. They will send it to me by courier and so this should take an additional day.

    The alternative is to play it safe and tell my employer that I cannot start working on September 1. Notice that this would buy me a lot of days. I teach and my next class is on September 6 and by then I hope I will have the EAD card in hand. I do not mind the wage reduction but, of course, the cost of this is to have my employer find someone to fill me in on September 1, possibly rewrite contract, update the payroll etc.

    So, I wonder if you have any suggestions. If it is not already clear, I want to make sure I abide by the U.S. laws.

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