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Need Urgent Help! Sevis Terminated_applied For Cos From F1 To H4 & Want To Apply For Graduate School

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by newholly, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Hello Ron,

    I badly need suggestion for my sister. Her SEVIS is terminated due to low gpa in February 1st week . She received her dismissal letter and had appealed with graduate school on medical grounds but has received rejection.As there was no grace period to apply for transfer to other university for graduate studies, she has applied for COS from f1 to h4. She is very much willing to complete her graduate studies at other university and the graduate advisor from other school has told her to apply for Summer 2016. DSO from previous school terminated her SEVIS in february 1st week and her Post completion-OPT is also dismissed.

    My concern is will her SEVIS be transferred and reinstated by the new school if she gets acceptance or a new SEVIS record will be needed? She is in USA as her COS is pending. What do you suggest? will USCIS accept her COS and allow her to continue education on h4 visa with SEVIS resinstatement or she need to again convert to F1? I am very much confused, what will be the safe option so she can stay back and study .PLease suggest.

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