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N400 Interview: I Have Outer State Dl And Local State Non-drivers Id

Discussion in 'General discussions' started by Catgirl, Jul 18, 2017.

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    I’m in New York and applied for my US citizenship. I just received letter of appointment for my citizenship interview which I have to attend shortly in NY.

    I have an outer state driver’s license but I don’t drive in NY. I went to a NY DMV to exchange my outer state DL for a NY DL. When I explained to the clerk that I wanted exchange my DL for a NY DL. She said it’s OK for me to have a NY state non-driver ID card instead of surrendering and exchange my outer state DL. This seems legal in NY. So I thought that was good to have both and agreed. So the clerk returned me my outer state license and processed me a NY state non-driver ID which will come in the mail in 2 weeks (she gave me a temporary NY ID ‘slip’ to use in the intern). So now I have my outer state DL and my NY state non-driver ID.

    My appointment letter asks me to bring: Appointment letter, GC, All passports, and a state issued form of ID.


    (1)At the interview day, will it be OK to show my NY state non-drivers ID that I will be receiving shortly?After all they asked me for a state ID!

    (2)Or was I supposed to I really surrendered my outer state DL in exchange for NY DL just for the purpose of the interview?
    I appreciate any opinions/comments on this matter. Thanks.

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