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Llc On Ead And Self Sponsor For Gc

Discussion in 'Start up company issues' started by Ami82, Apr 26, 2017.

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    My husband is on l1a visa and I am on l2 and have an EAD. I started my my LLC in 2015 and doing fine with business. i do not have any employee and i am the only officer in the company, however i have the intent to have 3-5 employees in next 2 year, also we have an office in a foreign country where i outsource work, so technically we have 2 offices one here in US and one in foreign country.

    I have 2 questions.

    Can my own LLC sponsor my GC in EB1 category given I am the executive of this LLC and have an affiliate office in foreign country. if yes will it be difficult to get approved, have your firm has seen these kind cases getting approved.

    Can i transfer my L2 visa to L1A without moving out from US for one year, or i have to be out of US for one year then only i can apply for L1a and what are the chances of getting L1a approved as it is a small business.
    To apprise you last year our revenue for LLC was around 250k and this year we expect to be around 600k -700k. These figures are Total Revenue and not the net income.

    I would request you to guide us, if you think there is any merit in our case i will be happy to do a consultation over the phone.


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