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Leaving The Petitioned Company Before Pr Card Was Received.

Discussion in 'Naturalization to become a US citizen' started by james K, Aug 1, 2017.

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    Hello Ron

    I left my petitioned company after I received my EAD card. (This was I think about 180 days after I received it).
    5 months later I got GC in 2009.

    I was a contractor at company X through my petitioned company and became full time at company X

    At my interview I was asked to provide proof that I worked for my petitioned company after I got my GC.
    (At the time of the interview I thought I had the necessary documents later to realize that I used AC21 to move )

    I only have w2s from that year. I do not have paystubs, to show when I ended at petitioned company and started at company X.

    How do I go about this.

    Please advise

    Thank You !!

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