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L1 visa extension- denied- Most likely a mistake by USCIS

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by chinni123, Mar 2, 2014.

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    Thanks for answering the first part of my question. I am still awaiting for the decision of the USCIS. hopefully something might come next week.
    As I mentioned that my L1 extension petition was approved, but the extension for stay was denied, which I think is most likely an USCIS overlook/error. They have stated that I was not physically present when the extension was filed by the company.
    The company has spoken to USCIS officer and created a service request on 24th Feb to re look into the issue. My I94 expired on Feb 12th. They gave time till March 12th to respond.

    So, my question is when the service request is pending with USCIS am I legally allowed to stay till the decision is made ? I almost stayed for 30 days after the denial letter was issued on Feb 10th.

    After their decision is made based on the result, If I had to leave, I understand I will have 7 to 10 days to leave the country and get visa stamping ( as the petition is approved).
    Will the Out of status create any issues during the visa stamping? If they take longer time to release their decision, what are the option the company. I know they can follow up with USCIS after 15 days of creating the service request.
    What is the typical response time for service request?
    These are some anxious moments, don't know what is going to happen in such case. Please let me know what is your best suggestion in such a case

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