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Joining Old Employer Through Whom I Had My I-140 Approved

Discussion in 'AC 21 I-140 Portability' started by Sam.nerd9999, Feb 5, 2016.

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    Hello ImmiInfo,
    I was working for Employer-A as a senior software engineer and had I-140 approved through them in EB3 as the job only qualified for EB3. I moved job to Employer-B 6 months back and now Employer-A is providing me a potential offer to join back. As far as I know the new job is Lead Engineer in another work location and it qualifies for EB2. I have a few questions in this context,

    1) Is there any complications in this scenario joining the old employer back ?
    2) The employer's HR told me that the job qualifies for EB2 and in a different location so they will be filing my perm and I-140 again. is there a complication with this new EB2 filing ? Will there be a problem in priority date porting ?


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