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Is H4 Valid After H1b Approved With Change Of Status?

Discussion in 'Working Nonimmigrant Visas' started by Vaibhav Bhatnagar, Dec 12, 2016.

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    I am working in U.S on H1B and my spouse is currently working in India, earlier she was on H4 and now this year her H1B also got approved along with I-129 which is change of status but H1B stamping not done yet, she didn’t travel to U.S even once.

    My wife is intent to come on H4 visa. So my doubt is her H4 still valid after H1B approval with change of status, can she enter in U.S on H4 visa or her H4 became void after her H1B approval with change of status. If H4 is is no longer valid, what is the process to change visa back to H4 from H1B outside U.S so that she can enter here on H4.

    Also she hasn't done with stamping of H1B yet, is stamping of H1B required if she is planning to enter on H4 or she can skip that.

    Please advise.



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