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International Transfers While On H1b (same Employer)

Discussion in 'AC 21 H-1B Issues' started by harry37, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. harry37

    harry37 New Member

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    Hello Ron

    Thanks for helping me in advance.

    Background - I am on H1B from last 7 years (current expiration is November 22,2018) with I-140 approved. I currently work for ABC (Fortune 10 - huge global presence).

    My company (Fortune 10) wants me to go to Australia for 2/3 months and help that team execute a project.

    1. They want to file my work visa in Australia (Which will change my BU in USA and will have to be on their books for that time frame)
    2. Can I do that and still come back to USA for work on my active H1B as soon as my assignment ends there?

    Thanks again for all your help and recommendations
  2. WaldenPond

    WaldenPond Guru

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    Your internation assignment has nothing to do with H-1B visa. You would need a valid visa stamp to come back to US, that's it. As far as your job duties don't change a lot, you can continue with the same after coming back.

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