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Incorrect Class In Approved I-797

Discussion in 'AC 21 H-1B Issues' started by Sundareshwar Jayachandran, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. Sundareshwar Jayachandran

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    I got my H1B extension approved and when I received my I-797, I noticed that the Class is incorrectly mentioned as "1B1" rather than "H1B". My employer has raised this issue with USCIS. Looks like this is a printing issue with California, Vermont & Nebraska service centers.

    My employer told that I will receive another corrected I-797 from USCIS after which only I can travel out of the country for Visa Stamping. Since my travel is critical, I would like to know the below things.

    1. How much time will it take for USCIS to issue the corrected I-797 for their printing mistake (My extension got approved in premium processing)?
    2. Will the Receipt number in the correct I-797 change?


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