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I140-rfe- "document Submitted Does Not Establish That The Beneficiary Received A Master's Degree"

Discussion in 'I-140 petitions' started by Raj Kaur, Jul 19, 2016.

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    Hi Ron and all,

    Looking for assistance/help.(Thanks in anticipation ).. I received a RFE on my I140..and below is the exactly mentioned in the RFE notice.

    "The evidence submitted includes a copy of the beneficiary's provisional certificate for a master's degree program. However, this document does not establish that the beneficiary received a master's degree, nor the date on which the master's degree was conferred. So, please submit additional evidence in the form of an official record from the institution showing the dates of attendance, area of study and date of degree award )"

    My PD is Jan 26th,2016 , I140 was filed on June 14th and RFE received on June 21st 2016.The documents that were included to file I140 were-

    1)Degree evaluation from TrustForte from 2012.
    2)Master's provisional certificate.
    3)The consolidated mark sheet.
    4)The bachelor’s diploma certificate
    5) Experience letter from previous companies.

    My attorney submitted provisional copy of my Master's certificate (has a issue date of September 28, 2004) and not the diploma certificate simply because he was concerned with the issue date as Feb 2016 on Diploma Certificate and I passed Master's degree ( MCA) in August 2004. However, I got my Diploma Certificate and has a recent issue date of February 2016.. So, Attorney requested me to gather this Diploma certificate and a letter from University stating the award of degree as September 28, 2004 and also a note stating that the date mentioned in Degree certificate is the date of issue of the certificate, but not the date of award of Master's. However, Attorney did not submit any of these documents even though I collected these documents before filing I140 in June.. and the reason may be he thought it could be a concern with USCIS about the issued date of degree certificate.

    However, I am now concerned about the RFE and wanted to be sure if the actual Diploma copy( with issue date of Feb 2016) and the letter from University confirming the award of degree as September 28, 2004 should be good enough to be submitted or do I need any other documents? Also, would my case be approved if we submit these documents below ?

    1- Official transcripts / Semester by semester mark sheets until the course completion.
    2- letter from the university official stating the degree, date that you graduated.
    3- Submit the actual "Diploma" copy.
    4- Letter from any American university indicating that degree was conferred when Provisional certificate was issued.

    Raj Kaur

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