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H1b Visa Expired And I94 Expired - Rfe On H1 Amendment Pending. No H1b Extension Filed Yet

Discussion in 'Working Nonimmigrant Visas' started by c2017, Apr 3, 2017.

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    My Employer Filed for H1B amendment on June 2016 when I as working with client A and the project got ended August 2016.

    Received the RFE on Mar-6-2017 while working in Client B. Currently continuing my work with client B. My employers attorney hasn't

    been responded yet to the RFE. They said that , they will respond during end of april 2017.

    But My H1B Visa got expired on Mar-10-2017 & My I-94 got expired on Mar-20-2017.I got my I-140 Approved on July 2012.

    Question 1 : Is my current staying in US is legal or out of status.?

    Question 2: If I go out of USA for short vacation now , will it impact my H1 Amendment RFE and re-entry in to US?

    Question 3: Can I ask my employer to apply for New H1B pettition while H1B amendment is pending?

    Please anyone assist me on my questions...

    Thank in advance

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