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H1b Transfer On Previous Employer H1b Receipt

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Applications Generally' started by pratyoosh, May 28, 2016.

  1. pratyoosh

    pratyoosh New Member

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    I had been laid off from company A on 29th Feb 2016 and company B filed my petition on March 4th 2016 under a regular processing and I just have their receipt of filing and payslips since 16th March 2016 till May.
    Now I got a full time offer in company C and they are ready to transfer my H1B to their name but can they transfer my H1B to their name based on company B petition receipts & payslips ?
    Or it will go for counselor processing ?
    I have a visa stamping till April 2017

    Please help

  2. New Guy

    New Guy Senior Member

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    I think you can change your job, it's called the bridge petition. But your transfer to employer C will not be approved, unless your transfer to employer B is approved.

    All petitions in the bridge petition should be approved.

    Others can correct, if I am wrong.

    P.S. not an attorney...

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