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H1B specialty occupation requirements

Discussion in 'Consulting company issues' started by shackleton, Aug 14, 2013.

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    I work for a software consultancy, and had a question on how best to indicate that a position with a client qualifies for a H1B specialty occupation.

    I have a Master Service Agreement (MSA) and a Statement of Work (SOW) from a client. The SOW outlines the technical aspects of the work to be performed (related to advanced software programming). However, I have no documentation (like a client letter) specifically stating that a Bachelor's degree is required for this position. Could the SOW be used instead (with possibly having the position evaluated by a third party)? What would be an suitable way of demonstrating that the client requirements align with my educational background, and this type of position in my industry typically requires a Bachelor's degree? Incidentally, I do have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering.

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