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H1b Job Change With Approved I140

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Validity' started by sandycec, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. sandycec

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    I am currently on the 8th year of my H1b (renewed once after first 3 years, then extended for another 3 years with approved I140). My H1b expires Sept.2017 for my current Job A.

    I got an offer within my same company for Job B which is very different from A. If I accept it, my company will re-start the GC process etc. But I believe my I140 for my current job will not be revoked.

    My question I want to switch to a different industry and hence a new company in May 2017 at which point realistically the I140 for Job B would not have been approved yet. In that situation, could I accept a job offer in another company and would they be able to get a fresh 3 year extension for a H1b based on the only approved I140 which I had was for Job A?

    Thanks for your comments.
  2. DonDraper

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