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H1b Extension Filed Late

Discussion in 'General nonimmigrant visa issues' started by Salahuddin Mohammad Masum, Jul 20, 2017.

Can my College grant me the 240 days of extension?

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  1. Salahuddin Mohammad Masum

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    Hi Ron / Forum Members

    I teach at a 2-year State Community College as an Associate Professor. I just finished my 3rd year of H1B. My College mailed the I-129 for H1B extension to Vermont Service Center on 5/2/2017. My I-94 expired on 5/7/2017. Vermont Service Center returned us the I-129 package with a letter dated 5/8/2017 saying that we should send the package to Nebraska Service Center instead of Vermont Service Center. My College received the returned package on 5/12 and mail the package immediately (same day) to Nebraska Service Center. Nebraska Service Center sent us a letter dated 5/18/2017 with a received date of 5/17/2017. Can we assume that my I-129 is filed on time? Can my College grant me the 240 days of extension?

    Please note that: In Page 2 of USCIS "Where to File" document, the instruction is given to file I-129 to Vermont Service Center from my state; but on page 8, another instruction was given to file I-129 to Nebraska Service Center if H1B extension is filed with the same employer. So the instruction was confusing enough to have the incorrect filing location/address.

    Please advise at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance!

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