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H1b Extension Depending On Perm/i140 Approval

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Validity' started by alliswell2015, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. alliswell2015

    alliswell2015 New Member

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    I was with Employer A through H1B. I completed my 6 year H1B term with Employer A. I also got my PERM and I140 approved through Employer A

    I joined Employer B after doing my H1B Transfer and got extension for 3 year by showing my I140 approval obtained through Employer A. My current H1B is valid with Employer B valid until June 2018.
    I am currently working with Employer B and they restarted my PERM process in Oct 2015 but unfortunately my PERM got denied after long Audit wait. Employer B have decided to reapply my PERM again in Jan 2017.

    As my H1B is valid with Employer B only until June 2018 (15 month left), i have 2 questions in this regard:

    1) My worry is if my PERM gets denied again after a long wait, i would near my H1B end date of June 2018.
    Is there a way to extend my H1B extension for 3 more years with the current Employer B who i am currently working with. Can i use my old I140 approved through Employer A to extend my H1B again for 3 more years?

    2) Can i still use my Employer A approved I140 again, do a H1B transfer to Join the New Employer C so that i get 3 more years of H1B?

    Please help.
    Thanks for all your service to the immigrant community
  2. Greeeeencard

    Greeeeencard Guru

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    Advise you to change your employer and get 3 years extension NOW with new employer, if your previous I-140 is still active.
  3. donisback

    donisback Guru

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    1) Yes as long as i-140 was not revoked
    2) If i-140 was not revoked when you move to employer -c you can get h1b extension with employer c

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