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H1b Expiration Date Vs I-94 Date?

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Validity' started by rahulgupta32, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. rahulgupta32

    rahulgupta32 Junior Member

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    My H1b visa expiration date is sep 2016, however, when i entered in the US last time i was given a date of april 2016 on my I-94. This was because my passport expiration date was in april 2016. Now i have received a new passport with expiration date of 2025.

    Do i need to leave before april and enter again to extend my I-94 date or can i stay longer till my visa expiration date?
    Can i go to US border patrol and get a new I-94?

    Please help.
  2. DonDraper

    DonDraper Guru

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    When was your h1b approved? when did you reenter ?. if you h1b was approved after you reenter you should be fine. Does your 797 have an i-94?

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