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H1-b Amendment During Promotion

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Applications' started by Sandeepkumar Seethaapathy, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Sandeepkumar Seethaapathy

    Sandeepkumar Seethaapathy New Member

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    My current title is "Senior Software Engineer" and I am considering a promotion to "Software Development Manager.
    My current H1-b is with an SOC Code: 15-1132 (Software developer). The new job is in the same location.

    I also have an approved I-140 with a PERM pointing to (11-3021 - Computer and Information Systems Manager) which seems to be in line with my new offer.

    Do I need to amend my H1-B?
    Are there risks when amending the H1-b? Any?
  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    Any time there is a change in duties, such as taking on a supervisory role, you need to amend.

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