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GC holder working for own company but without pay

Discussion in 'Retention of US residency' started by mpn, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. mpn

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    I have a question regarding working for my own company while on a GC with no pay.

    I am a Software Engineer with ~ 10 years of experience. 7 months after I received my GC I came across a very good technology startup idea and started my own software development company. I've been working on this for 4 months now.

    During these 4 months I have been mostly developing software. I have also attended small business training workshops conducted by SCORE (http://washingtondc.score.org) got certificates, met with other companies and gotten royalty quotes, demo-ed the software to a potential client. But I still haven't been able to close anything so far and I haven't made any money i.e. haven't been able to pay myself. I have invested ~ $1500 on software and other costs. The client is still not sure if they will go for my software or go for a competitor.

    My question is how does this effect my legal status. How long can I continue this without any income? I have started looking for a job so that I can now try to do this on the side. But I want to know the risk in my situation.

    Thanks, mpn
  2. JoeF

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    Re: GC holder working for own company but without pay

    You can be without income as long as you have enough savings.
    As a PR, you don't need to be working. Home makers can be LPRs as well, and they don't have income, either. The only thing they would look for is how you survived. As long as you have a good explanation that doesn't involve things like gambling or drug-dealing, you are ok.

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