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Fingerprinting / Biometrics For H4 Ead

Discussion in 'H4 employment authorization' started by tightlipped, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. tightlipped

    tightlipped Junior Member

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    I have a question about biometrics during the H4 EAD process. Did anybody who now has an approved EAD card get a fingerprinting request? My wife has been in the US since 2010, so she did not get fingerprinted when she got her visa on her passport 5 years ago, and our lawyer is telling us that we should have received a fingerprint request.

    Our case has been pending for 3 months now at the Vermont center (receipt is dated August 24), and we are about to put in an SR since it has been so long. Should we mention that she hasn't been fingerprinted?

  2. Kamakazee

    Kamakazee Super Moderator

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    There is no fingerprinting required for H4 EAD. Once the case is approved, the EAD should arrive. You can raise an SR since you say it is pending for 3 months, no need to mention fingerprinting as it is not required.

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