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Final Attempt- Please, Please Explain.

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by crest, Mar 16, 2017.

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    Despite the forward movement of the final action dates, the level of demand and resulting number use in several Family preferences has been below expectations. This lower than expected demand has resulted in advancement of the April Worldwide Family Fourth Preference date at a pace that covers the period of several months projected in the March Visa Bulletin’s “Visa Availability in the Coming Months”. This action will allow the overall desired allocation level of number use for and through April to be met. There are signs that demand in the other categories will increase in the coming months, resulting in the higher monthly allocation totals required to allow number use to reach those desired levels. The Fourth Preference date will then be held for a period of time while the anticipated monthly allocation levels in those other preferences increase, without drastically altering overall workload patterns.

    Could Ron or anyone explain what is meant in the above section of the visa bulletin in regards to FB4 worldwide. My priority date is Sept 2004 and I would like to know if the quota for the year has been reached and what can I expect to happen to my PD. Can I expect to see movement in the second chart?

    Thanking in advance.

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