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Fbi Name Check After Rfe Was Received

Discussion in 'Adjustment of status' started by breadfox, Nov 4, 2017.

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    Hello Ron and forum folks,

    Here is some background Information of our I-485 case. RD: 07/15/2016, EB-1a, the mainland of China, case transferred to NBC for an interview in 03/2017, interviewed on 08/29/2017. IO said she will approve our case after the interview before she found the visa retrogression for us at that time. Then our case transferred to TSC to wait for the visa #. 10/2017, new fiscal year, we are current. 10/24/2017 got RFE for primary applicant's physical examination as the physician forgot to fill the clinic information in I-693. 11/1/2017 RFE was received.

    Based on the FBI NNCP information, they send response regarding primary applicant to USCIS at 07/27/2016. The FBI name check eligible for 15 months. It seems on 10/27/2017 the primary's name check expired.

    We have several questions and concerns:

    1, For the RFE case, the case will be sent back to the WD room after RFE and re-examed after received the RFE then send back to IO. Or, IO will keep the case and RFE will directly send to the IO?

    2, How the USCIS initiated the name check? I mean 1) system can detect expired name check and send it back to FBI, then collect the response from FBI all automatically? 2) Or, it has to be initiated by IO. Like when IO check our case and find it is expired, he or she will request a re-check.

    3, I know in some cases IO will approve applications even their I-693 expired. I am not sure if this also possible for name check?

    Any thought, experience or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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