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family related application priority date 1992

Discussion in 'Family based immigration' started by panzer306, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Hello: my brother is a USC and he filed an application for me and my sister in 1992. My sister has just received a letter from NVC asking her if she wishes to proceed with the process to became an immigrant.(my sister does not live in the USA)
    I called NVC and informed NVC that I did not receive a letter like my sister's, and if they could send me one. NVC took down my new address and phone number. (I live in USA, but I am out of status).
    I know that the first 4 numbers of the case number mean the year in which the application was filed,in our case is "1992".
    Could you elaborate as to what are the next steps,
    is this a lenghty process considering that our priority date is 1992, and as of now, the Visa bulletin shows that they are working on priority date of 1995 for 4th preference.
    thank you for your time

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