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F1 Status To J1 Status

Discussion in 'General nonimmigrant visa issues' started by Cesy, Sep 13, 2016.

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    I am contemplating to transfer my status to J1 in order for me to work and use my SSN. My current school only offers OPT under M1 and it is still temporary. Since I don't have any exact days from when I could have updates for the EB2 process I am bound to wait.
    I have few questions, though:

    1. Would this affect ,my EB2 application should I get my approval for J1 status?

    2. Would I be bound to 2 years HRR (Home residence requirement)? Would I need to go back in the Philippines should my J1 visa expire in 2 years?

    3. Can I file for I-485 under J1 status and proceed with the EB2 application even when my J1 visa expires? If not, what should I do then? Should I revert back to F1? Could I still revert back to F1?

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