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Employer A Visa Stamping while Employer B H1 Transfer is pending.

Discussion in 'Immigration Policy' started by studynjit, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Hello Ron, I've a quick question please. Appreciate your opinion in this regard. Thanks in advance for your opinion! Appreciate it.

    I'm with Employer A currently. I will be travelling to India on Feb 28th and my Visa Appointment (Employer A) at Chennai is on March 10th.

    Meanwhile, Employer B applied for H1 Transfer on 19th Feb in Premium. I dont think I will receive an approval before I leave.

    Question 1: Do you think the travel will impact the H1 transfer decision (Emp B)?

    Question 2: Do you think the H1 transfer will impact the Visa interview (Emp A)?

    Thanks again!

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