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Eb3 Consular Provcessing

Discussion in 'Consular processing' started by MaryLu84, Nov 2, 2017.

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    My husband and I currently have a consular processing case for EB3 visa. My husband entered on F1 visa (2002), went to college for several (until 2008) years, however he couldn't afford tuition anymore so he fell out of status, meanwhile the company he worked for offer to sponsor him, got the PERM approved, I 140 was approved in 2009 priority date became current in June 2013, however he could not adjust because he was out of status, so he hasn't done anything with that petition. I have entered on a B2 in 2003) and have unlawful presence. In March we have started a consular processing case, since we found an attorney who explained to us that even though my husband is out of status, he doesn't have unlawful presence due to the d/s stamped on his I94, and that without unlawfull presence he is not subject to the 10 year bar ,and that he can be processed through consular processing, with me being a dependent on his case. I do however have unlawful presence, but I qualify for a I601a waiver with my father, who is a USC, being the qualifying relative.( My dad has multiple heart problems and I help him significantly with his health issues (i'm also a RN) and financially). My husband still works for the same company, the employer still has the job available for him, and is more than willing to offer him the position. We have filed the I824 on June 19, 2017 and it got approved on July 20, 2017. Now the case is on hold atNVC waiting on my waiver. I am so nervous, so anxious to go for consular processing. I'm scared I'll be stuck in Romania, we have 4 children who are USC, our families are here, I don;t know what to do. On the other hand the thought of getting LPR status is literally like a dream coming true, I love this country and I want to be here, and my biggest regret in life ( I mean that) is overstaying my visa. I had no idea what that meant at 19, I was ill advised and listened to the wrong people....I wish I could take it back, but I can't ....

    I forgot to mention that we have no criminal history, no claims to citizenship, no deportation orders, no tattoos, never did drug etc...

    Thank you for taking the time, and thank you for your input. It is so greatly appreciated.

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