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Double H1b Applications

Discussion in 'Nonimmigrant Visa Applications' started by bond_chaitu, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. bond_chaitu

    bond_chaitu Junior Member

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    Hi Ron,

    my employer has applied for h1 extension two weeks back. we did not get receipt yet. meanwhile client approved my request to work from dallas office and visit their main office location at Atlanta once in two months.
    my employer decided to open a new lca and new h1b application to avoid a situation where a client visit by uscis would turn into a denial. i was wondering what are the consequences of this double applications. things like what if dallas application gets picked first and then atlanta one? what happens to second application that gets processed? how much fee they would charge? is there any way to discard the atlanta application?

    please suggest if there is a better way of handling this.

    Thank you.
  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    File the second as an amendment to the first if the job sites are different. That will cover you. If you don't ask for more time, then the filing fee is only $325 for the amendment.

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