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Dear Ron Gotcher I Need You Help. Fellowship With Pending I-485

Discussion in 'AC 21 I-140 Portability' started by Samer2016, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Samer2016

    Samer2016 New Member

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    I have pending aos eb2 more than 10 months. Current and based on perm internal medicine attending physician , I-140 is approved , I have offer to start fellowship this July in Internal medicine fellowship , is it OK to start on ead ? Salary will be 3 times less, is their issue with training ( it is job with salary , benefit ..etc ),
  2. Ron Gotcher

    Ron Gotcher Attorney at Law

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    You need to sit down with expert immigration counsel and discuss this at length. On the surface, I don't see any real issues, but you need to be sure before you make a move.

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