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Confused, Frustrated And Lost

Discussion in 'Consular processing' started by Maria Tenor, Mar 2, 2017.

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    Hello All (My First Post)

    I'm Maria and here is my difficult situation:

    I was born in the Bahamas in (1982) to parents that were born in Haiti, came to the US in 1993 with some kind of travel document (Problem 1: Unable to locate said document from The Bahamas or US as of yet, I have seen the document when I was younger as it had my ugly baby picture attached to it for the world to see and know the document exist but now its lost). Lived in the US all of my life never been outside of US, have been issued SSN(bares "not valid for employment), went to school, college, received financial aid, loans, driver license in the US. I have US born kids.

    My mother has previously filed multiple I-130 petition of which were denied, rejected and finally approved, case forwarded to NVC but informed that I would be doing AOS as I can not go to The Bahamas for CP(no family their and no one to care for my kids if I am away for longer than expected. (Problem 2: Do not know whether to do AOS or CP as I am not aware if I an ineligibility I have to process AOS due to unknown status in the US, for some reason no one can tell me this, I have never been issued a green card or passport as far as I am aware of.)

    Also my mother became a naturalized citizen in 1996 when I was 14 and based on information that I have read and been told by USCIS reps as well that I may have derived citizenship through her and to apply for N-600 or US passport (Problem 3: COC and US Passport ask for either proof of US entry or some sort of document showing my lawful resident in the US which I can not locate or would be able to provide, have made request to FOIA and DHS for information on entry and they are unable to locate anything in regards to me)

    I just need a some type of direction as to what form I need to file or what steps I need to do to either prove that I gained citizenship through my mother or to adjust my status: I have been told so many different things and just want to get this issue resolved:

    Thank you to all who can assist

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