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Changing Status From H1b To Green Card?

Discussion in 'How to start the green card process' started by DanSGer, Oct 4, 2017.

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    I'm on a valid H1B until August 2018 and plan to stay with my employer as long as possible. I also just recently got married and we wanted to get the green card process started but I'm somewhat uncertain about all required documents ( I need to travel outside the US in February 2018).

    Are following documents all we need to send?
    1) I-130 filled out by my wife who is a US citizen
    2) I-131
    3) I-485 application for permanent resident
    4) I-864
    5) I-693 medical examination results

    6) I-765 - to be eligible to work for any US company( Do I need to fill out a new one since my H1B is still valid through August 2018?)
    7) I-131 - travel permission? (Do i need this despite valid H1B?)

    Thank you very much

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